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Thursday, April 14, 2005

# - I wonder what's up with this case...

From Bellhop to University Professor
With all the recent cases of bad English teachers being busted, I was wondering what had become of the mother of all such cases, whereby Hector Manuel Ramos, alternatively called H씨, M씨, 마누엘씨 or others in the Korean press, formerly a bellhop in an NYC hotel, and later associate professor at Konkuk University, by way of forged degrees Made in Printshop®, had been busted late last year. It made quite a boom in November 2004, but after that, silence. There were also allegations of planting pot – and smoking it, too. So this is good enough to be spending time in the can, and then get your ass evicted. It is true that newsies have a short memory, but with all the love Korea has for Americans these days, I am surprised a bored "journalist" hasn't picked it up again...

My information is that he's still in Korea and free – which is surprising – and that he masquerades under a modified version of his name (Hector Kim, I think).

Does anyone have more on the subject?

A few links to help you get started if you hadn't read about it:
Pic of the diploma -- with name
"학위위조 高卒'' 미국인, 대학강의에 대마흡연까지
'학위위조' 외국인 대학교수 적발
석·박사 학위 위조 2년가까이 교수생활
호텔 벨맨 미국인, 가짜 학위로 국내 대학서 교수

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

# - Another experiment

Also from Yaspyb's code

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Monday, April 11, 2005

# - Œno...what?


Œnocide : Et la bouteille fut cadavre
Œnodrome : Salon des Vignerons Indépendants
Œnolitude : Solitude du buveur de fonds
Œnomane : Dégustateur accro
Œnogamie : Accord mets-vin pour le meilleur ou pour le pire
Œnoscopie : Jacques Chancel s'entretient avec un vin
Œnosnob : Buveur d'étiquettes
Œnalgie : Tempête sous la cafetière suite à .. Meuh non, j'ai bu trois fois rien !
Œnographe : Blogueur du vin
Œnofuge : Camembert, vinaigre ou caouettes
Œnophilie : Amour du vin, avec ses hauts et ses bas, ses doutes et ses plaisirs
Œnoépitaphe : Formule lapidaire consécutive à un œnocide, par exemple “sans hésiter” ou “non, sans façon, je le trouve plus joli dans la bouteille”
Œnophore : Carafe d'inspiration grecque
Œnothérapie : Joyeuses bacchanales
The WineBlog
Very hard to translate, but oh so funny...

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Saturday, April 9, 2005

# - An experiment

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# - Enlarged penises? Sure...

Although there are still a lot of spammers running around here in the U.S., their numbers are going down, thanks in part to more criminal convictions. One spammer in particular could be going down for a long time: Jeremy Jaynes, who was indicted over a year ago and recently convicted in Virginia for blasting people with 10 million unwanted emails a day. Looks like the judge got one too many Viagra come-on himself, as he has now accepted a jury's recommended sentence of 9 years in prison. Sounds pretty harsh, even for an insidious spammer. But surprisingly, the defense argued that the sentence was too long because Jaynes is an out-of-state resident being charged under a new law. Huh? Perhaps this is just a legal technicality with the same underlying idea that the punishment might not fit the crime. Still, it certainly sounds like he's admitting that the sentence would be fine if he had been tried with a similar crime in his home state of North Carolina. It's being appealed, and it's likely the sentence will get reduced. Here's hoping that he sees at least a little bit of jail time. Just don't give him access to email or the mail room, or prisoners will be start getting messages about penis enlargement.
Via Techdirt: Crackdown On Spam Continues With Tough Sentence in Virginia

No worries. That freak does any hard time, he's gonna get all the enlarged penises he ever wished for. And then some...

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Thursday, April 7, 2005

# - Security weakness in OS X

OSX can be root compromised by a trojan application. The trojan application does not require explicit user authentication to elevate its privileges to root, nor does the root account need to be enabled. The Trojan application must be run from an account that is in the admin group, which is the default for the first account created and the context in which most users run. Once executed, the trojan application must only wait until the user leverages the sudo utility, either at the command line or by another application that leverages sudo to elevate its privileges.
Full details and fix there

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